Prison Fellowship, Justice Fellowship

Mission Statement

“Justice Fellowship is the arm of Prison Fellowship that works for criminal justice reform. Because our nation needs it.

We seek to change our criminal justice system at every level so that it reflects the principles of restorative justice found in the Bible. Restorative justice teaches that crime harms victims, communities, and offenders. We promote a system that effectively repairs these injuries and brings greater peace and security to lives and communities.

To realize this vision, Justice Fellowship advocates for reform through grassroots lobbying and working closely with federal and state government officials. We publish articles on criminal justice to educate the public about the need for change. We act as honest brokers in the halls of government to build bipartisan support for reform legislation. And we give advice and technical assistance to government committees and commissions on important criminal justice subjects.”

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Year/Decade Arrived in D.C.

  • 1983

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  • Lansdowne, Va.