Lutheran Services in America, Public Policy Office

Mission Statement

“While engaging its members on broad issues of social change, LSA [Lutheran Services in America] also focuses on practice-based public policy advocacy. …

LSA Public Policy promotes the following statement of responsibility for self and responsibility for the neighbor:  Lutheran Services in America understands that all people are beloved by God and entrusted with gifts to share. God asks that all use those gifts for the benefit of others. People must assume responsibility for contributing to their own well-being. They also have responsibility to care for others - to contribute to the good of the whole by using their unique gifts and skills. LSA's public policy work asks, "What sorts of policies equip people for these dual roles of caring for self and caring for others?"

Engaging in advocacy on public policy issues helps public officials better understand how policies affect their constituents – people and families in need of health care and social services; employers and employees; and people and organizations providing care and services.

LSA's public policy office works with member organizations to educate and shape public opinion on specific issues including (but not limited to) aging services, child welfare, affordable housing, and nonprofit sector issues along with the Lutheran Services in America Disability Network’s focus on Medicaid and affordable housing as they relate to people with disabilities. LSA respects and benefits from the diverse points of view within the Lutheran health and human services system. …”

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  • 1997

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  • Washington, D.C. (National HQ: Baltimore, Md.)