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“The Jewish Policy Center, a not-for-profit 501 (C)(3) think tank, provides scholarly perspectives on foreign and domestic policies that impact the Jewish community in the United States, and the broader American public.

The JPC asserts that Jewish Americans can no longer afford to stubbornly hold on to outdated ideas of the past. This includes optimism over misguided Middle East peace deals, appeasement of dictators, and unrealistic hopes that dangerous realities in the Middle East might simply change without tougher U.S. policies.

As such, the JPC strongly supports the global war against Islamic extremism. We also support U.S. efforts to spread democracy in the Middle East. We believe it is critical to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. We support Washington's efforts to deter dangerous states from acquiring nuclear weapons. Finally, we lend our full support to Israel in its long war for security in the Middle East.

Domestically, the JPC also believes that Jewish Americans must break with the past. The JPC supports smaller government, lower taxes, free trade, and other issues.

The JPC has a strong interest in ensuring that colleges and universities across the United States provide an environment of intellectual diversity, and promote free and open dialogue on America's most critical foreign policy issues.”

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