Culture of Life Foundation

Mission Statement

“About Us: The Culture of Life Foundation is a social policy research institute that exists to reveal and present the truths about the human person at all stages of life and in all conditions.

We aim to affect public policy by promoting and making available to the public scientific and other factual information relevant to debates about human life and dignity. To this end The Culture of Life Foundation seeks as educator to deepen public understanding of bioethics, marriage and family, human dignity and human solidarity.

Vision: The Culture of Life Foundation believes that true freedom flourishes within a responsible and cohesive society respectful of the dignity of the human person central to its subsistence. We aim to foster a culture that will transmit to each new generation a commitment to the profound inherent and equal dignity of every member of the human family.”

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  • 1997

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  • $201,139

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  • Washington, D.C.