Center for Islamic Pluralism

Mission Statement

“Founded in Washington, DC in 2004, the Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) is a think tank that challenges the dominance of American Muslim life by militant Islamist groups. Specifically, our mission is to:

* Foster, develop, defend, protect, and further mobilize moderate American Muslims in their progress toward integration as an equal and respected religious community in the American interfaith environment;

* Define the future of Islam in America as a community opposed to the politicization of our religion, its radicalization, and its marginalization, which has taken place because of the imposition on Muslims of attitudes opposed to American values, traditions, and policies;

* Educate the broader American public about the reality of moderate Islam and the threat to moderate Muslims and non-Muslim Americans represented by militant, political, radical, and adversarial tendencies.”

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2009 IRS Form 990, Total Expenses

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Religious Tradition

Year/Decade Arrived in D.C.

  • 2005

Annual Advocacy Expenditures

  • $266,128

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Tax Status

Location of D.C.-Area Office

  • Washington, D.C.