Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia

Mission Statement

“The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR) is a (501)(c)3 non-profit educational organization established in 2004 to promote institutionalized democratic reforms through restructuring of all Saudi state institutions to accommodate growing and irrepressible public awareness of their rights and to meet global demands as necessitated by globalization of goods, languages, values and information. Due to its centrality to Islam and as a major exporter of petroleum, as well as the state’s austere religious doctrine, Saudi Arabia plays major roles in Muslims’ and non-Muslims’ lives worldwide; consequently, its policies and practices are of major concern to its people and to the international community.”

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2009 IRS Form 990, Total Expenses

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Religious Tradition

Year/Decade Arrived in D.C.

  • 2004

Annual Advocacy Expenditures

  • $65,765

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Location of D.C.-Area Office

  • Washington, D.C.