Catholic Health Association of the United States

Mission Statement

“CHA's advocacy efforts strive to shape the impact of federal legislation and policies. Based on priorities determined collaboratively by the membership, staff, Advocacy and Public Policy Committee, and the CHA board, the advocacy team — located in Washington, D.C., focuses on initiatives that not only strengthen the viability of the Catholic health ministry as not-for-profit providers but also support the ministry's emphasis on enhancing the current health care system to create a just and compassionate health care system. ...”

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Expenditures Source:
2009 IRS Form 990, Total Lobbying Expenditures

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Religious Tradition

Year/Decade Arrived in D.C.

  • 1984

Annual Advocacy Expenditures

  • $995,533

Type of Organization

Tax Status

Location of D.C.-Area Office

  • Washington, D.C. (also has office in St. Louis, Mo.)