American Principles Project

501(c)(3): American Principles Project
Related 501(c)(4): American Principles in Action

Mission Statement

“At the heart of our nation’s constitutional principles is a fundamental respect for the human person; an acknowledgment of the individual’s infinite worth as a being created by God. At its best, conservatism has defended human dignity and the family structure that nurtures and protects the human person.

In defending unborn human life and preserving traditional marriage, maintaining the value of the money earned from work, welcoming new immigrants to our shores and protecting the innocence of our children, the American Principles project seeks to apply these timeless principles to the urgent issues of our day.

These principles must not be defended merely as ideals but must be promoted and defended through the legislative and electoral process. The primary goal of the American Principles Project is to translate our founding principles into direct and effective grassroots action.”

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