American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

Mission Statement

“The AAJLJ represents the American Jewish legal community, defending Jewish interests and human rights in the U.S. and abroad. To fulfill its mission, the AAJLJ:

* works to safeguard the civil and human rights of Jews and others in the U.S. and abroad

* sponsors regular programs featuring speakers and discussions on topical legal issues

* promotes the study of Jewish law and ethics through law school courses, seminars and publications

* assists the IAJLJ in utilizing its official international status as a United Nations Nongovernmental Organization to provide diplomatic and legal assistance to Jews around the world

* publishes the AAJLJ Newsletter designed to keep members abreast of the Association's activities and topical legal subjects

* organizes law oriented missions to Israel

* participates in triennial world Jewish legal congresses in Jerusalem and in annual congresses abroad

* conducts special Jewish-content continuing legal education and other programs including programs and events at annual ABA meetings”

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